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About Us

Go Eco Store was started by Ladine Smith in 2020, a keen surfer who is passionate about taking care of the planet and it's creatures the store was set up with products Ladine loves that can help others make a positive impact on the planet too.

Go Eco Compost Bucket was the first product of the store helping people divert 40% of their household waste from landfill, this small compost bucket that you bury into the soil suits most suburban areas, all you need is a backyard or a pot on a balcony and you can compost!

Go Eco Seedling Dome was then introduced, the dome attaches to the Go Eco Compost Bucket and acts as a greenhouse so you can grow seedlings on top of your compost bucket.

Compost Kitchen Caddy is one of our latest products, a stylish and practical designed caddy to collect your food scraps in ready to take to your compost unit.

Compost Cannon is a most recent product, an underground cardboard unit that you bury into the soil and takes your kitchen food scraps, the cardboard unit eventually breaks down with the food scraps and becomes compost after about 6 months, refill canisters available.

Two new products coming in 2021, ergonomic and stylish Method waste bins to help you sort your waste easily and Revomax vacuum insulated flasks to help reduce plastic water bottles being produced. Watch this space!

Go Eco Tips was the passion project that started the journey back in 2018, check out Ladine's Instagram @goecotips and Facebook Go Eco Tips for tips on how you can make a positive impact on the planet such as Taking 3 For The Sea.

Ladine at her local Shelly Beach Golf Course