About Us

Go Eco Store was created by Ladine Smith in 2020, a keen surfer who loves taking care of the planet and it's creatures and is passionate about providing products to help people make a positive impact on the planet.

Go Eco Compost Bucket is the first product of the store, it helps people divert food waste from landfill which in turn reduces harmful methane gasses being created.

Go Eco Seedling Dome was then introduced, it attaches to the Go Eco Compost Bucket as a greenhouse to grow seedlings.

Two new products coming in 2020, a kitchen caddy to help collect your food scraps for composting and a thermos bottle to help reduce buying plastic water bottles. Watch this space!

Also check out Ladine's Instagram and Facebook pages Go Eco Tips for tips on how you can make a positive impact on the planet such as Taking 3 For The Sea.