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How to install your Go Eco Compost Bucket

Installing your Go Eco Compost Bucket is simple, all you will need is a shovel or hand spade and a bit of elbow grease.


Find a spot in your garden that is easy to access and dig a hole the size of the Go Eco Compost Bucket


Place your Go Eco Compost Bucket into the soil so the rim is just above the soil, fit the lid either way up into the compost bucket and lock closed


Open the lid, add your food scraps and close the locking lid, repeat. Occasionally add water to the bucket to keep the food scraps moist.

There is no need to empty the contents, just keep adding the food scraps to the top of the older food scraps until the bucket is full, as the food scraps break down, the worms will then take the nutrients out into the soil and will naturally fertilize surrounding plants of around a 2 meter radius.

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