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How To Compost on Balconies

The best thing about the Go Eco Compost Buckets is they can literally be used anywhere! You don't need a backyard or a garden, all you need is a pot, a compost bucket, a couple of worms from a friend's garden and viola, you have a functioning compost for all your kitchen food scraps.  

Here's How To Compost on Balconies

  1. Grab a pot or one of these veggie garden stands from Bunnings or your local nursery
  2. Place your Go Eco Compost Bucket into the middle and surround with soil
  3. Add some worms from a friend's garden or look for some on the ground when it's raining
  4. Plant some herbs or cutting from veggies into the soil
  5. Add food scraps into the Go Eco Compost Bucket 

Watch your food scraps disappear and your surrounding plants thrive!

Did you know around 40% of our kitchen waste is food and when food breaks down in landfill it creates harmful gasses like methane, by composting these gasses are not created and the nutrients are put back into the soil and feed surrounding plants.

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